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Are You Ready For Entrepreneurship?

Submitted by Bernard Dreyer

From WHSA 123

Have you reached a point where you are sick of your current financial state?  Are you tired of never having enough money, being in debt, unprepared for retirement, living from check to check, no hope of things getting better?  Do you hate your boss, your job, your cubicle and your co-workers?

You might think anyone under these circumstances would have enough motivation to start a business or to seek an additional revenue stream, but not necessarily so.  What I have found to be true is that until it is more “painful” to stay where you are than to change, you will not.

Even if someone knows they need another revenue stream they won’t budge UNLESS THEY ARE COMPELLED to move and nothing short of eminent ruin will compel most.  It will take a tremendous amount of motivation, drive and commitment to go through the rigors of starting your own successful business.

Most businesses fail.  I said MOST BUSINESSES FAIL!  And there is a reason why.  Most people have an “employee mindset”.  It is not easy for someone with an employee mindset to become a business owner.  An employee has “imposed” structure to make him productive.  An entrepreneur does not.  An employee seeks security.  An entrepreneur takes risks.  An employee has a “steady check”.  An entrepreneur may go months without making money.  An employee can tell everyone he has a job or a title.  An entrepreneur appears “unemployed” to friends and family until he actually becomes successful. 

There are several indicators to gauge your readiness for entrepreneurship.  

Are you?
  • a self-starter
  • a risk taker
  • a good time manager
  • motivated
  • organized

Do you?
  • have a support system?
  • have a business plan?
  • have a dream or vision board?
  • a spiritual center?

Have you?
  • considered what you would have to sacrifice in money, time and reputation to be an Entrepreneur?

If you have not tackled the above, your chances are very slim that you are ready to be an Entrepreneur.  But when it becomes more painful to remain where you are (broke, busted and disgusted), you WILL tackle them or die trying

 . . . and there will be people  that will cheer you on and support you!

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