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LightBe Press Release - December 7, 2017

Submitted by Bernard Dreyer on December 7, 2017

After review of extensive documentation relating to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and discussions with Digital Marketing people we made important improvements to the LightBe Website:

  • LightBe is lighting up the World with Advanced Information Technologies and is building a Competitive Advantage.
  • The website has been localize in English and French.
  • LightBe currently focus on products that bring life improvement in the education and health industries. It has created multipurpose Digital Puzzles, Games and Digital Books that are based on Dimensional Geometry.
  • The Divisions created by and wholly owned by LightBe Corp are 4D3d Therapy, 3D2D Geometry, 4D3dPuzzles, HyperCube of Love and EZKLW.
  • LightBe added the Information & Discussion BLOG right inside the LightBe Website. The BLOG also includes Press Releases. It will increases search engine traffic, show the personal side of our business, support our social media initiatives, facilitates valuable discussion and allow us to achieve freshness.
  • You are able to comment the Posts of the Blog (note that the comments will be moderated).
  • You are able to submit Posts that we will review for publishing in the Blog.
  • Finally LightBe is actively working on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to provide an immersive experience to better achieve the benefits of the products of its various Divisions.

Enjoy the LightBe Website
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