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The PIVOT of LightBe

Submitted by Bernard Dreyer on June 20, 2018

DEFINITION: A pivot may mean you changed your customer segment, your channel, revenue model/pricing, resources, activities, costs, partners, customer acquisition – lots of other things than just the product. A pivot is a substantive change to one or more of the 9 business model components; Key Partners, Key Activities, Value Proposition, Key Resources, Customer/Clients Segments, Customer/Client Relationships, Channels, Cost Structures, Revenue Streams.

• Focus on key features, efficiency and effectiveness
• Make our solutions stand out
• More attractive and lucrative business model
• Improve traction
• Adapt to emerging client needs


The Pivot is the result of an over a year transition that includes the following major changes:

⁃ We have moved our Website and our Blogs, our clients Websites and their Databases from our remote server to Heroku and started using AWS for file storage. They provide more security, increased access speeds and are upward scalable.
⁃ We phased out providing web development services for clients and now only provide basic maintenance of Websites and Databases for our current clients.
⁃ We rebranded 4D3d Therapy, a division of LightBe, with the ibraini new name that is short for innovative brain improvement. It reflects the main purpose of its product line. A new logo, a style guide with a color and font scheme have been put in place.
⁃ The 2D, 3D and Game Apps of ibraini will be moved soon from the SendOwl online store for digital products to the iOS App Store, the Mac App Store, the Google Play Store and the Microsoft Play Store. Apps will be available on some of this stores as individual Apps or in bundles of Apps. All the Apps will have free updates.
⁃ We have designed, coded, developed and deployed the beta versions of Virtual Reality ibraini Apps. These mobile VR apps were developed for the Google Cardboard headset to make them accessible to more people. The first Apps are maze based followed by a memory improvement App. These Apps will be soon available on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.
⁃ We have designed, coded, developed a template for Virtual Reality Showcases that we used for a FREE LightBe VR Showcase and a FREE ibraini Showcase. More information is available on the LightBe website, including links to the Showcase Video Trailers:
⁃ The short-term plan is to work with some corporations to develop and deploy such Showcases promoting and marketing their products in a novel way. Some of the initial industries we have in mind are Real Estate, Construction, Car Dealerships.

We have updated and upgraded our Website and our Social Media (Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram) to reflect the new direction of LightBe Corp.

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