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Who We Are

We are a team very passionate about creating products using advanced technologies including Game Software, Virtual Reality and Content Management to help improve the lives of people and to assist businesses to better connect with their clients.

What We Do

We focus on digital products that bring life improvement in health & education and that assist industries such as real estate to better connect with their clients.

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About Us

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What We Offer

Here are the services we offer:

Pamela Cook

Geometry Based Apps

These Apps benefit not only people with cognitive impairment, but also benefit anyone who would learn to solve problems or to develop logical thinking skills.

New Apps will be developed and deployed in consultation with the stakeholders.

Pamela Cook

Virtual Reality Apps

We design, develop and deploy in consultation with stakeholders two types of VR Apps:

  • VR Apps that help memory, visual and spacial orientation, and
  • VR Showcases Apps as marketing, promotion and branding tools for businesses.

For more details visit the VR section.

Pamela Cook

Media Content Management

Design, organization, development, hosting, deployment and update features of databases managing media content such as images, audio and video.


Pamela Cook

Pamela Cook

CoFounder / CEO

Bernard Dreyer

Bernard Dreyer

CoFounder / Vice President

The Team has key skills in Advanced Technologies such as Digital Geometry Design, Virtual Reality, Web Content Management, SDK, Computer Assisted Design, 3d-Printing.

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2713 S 79th East Ave
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74129
United States

+1 918 760 6968

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